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Cámaras de Videovigilacia IP
Cámaras  de Videovigilacia IP

Cámaras digitales IP para videovigilancia remota.

Modelo TORCH - Portátil y alta resolución

Modelos ATEX - Especificadas para ambientes explosivos

TORCH CAMERA Wireless, High-Resolution, Digital IP Camera The multi-award winning Torch Camera manufactured by SESYS is a portable, weatherproof, self-contained rapid deployment CCTV camera system that comprises of a digital IP camera with one or two 5 megapixel image sensors (Thermal imaging sensor also available), video storage, 3G or 4G…
ATEX CAMERAS Intrinsically Safe, High-Resolution, Digital IP Camera SeSys ATEX and IECEx certified digital IP CCTV cameras are designed to be compliant with international standards and facilitate remote monitoring in inhospitable, hazardous or explosive areas. Whether the camera is to help improve safety by reducing risk or to support remote…

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